Why should I choose this type of roof over a felt roof?
Fibreglass roof coverings are far superior to felt, they have a much longer lifespan and are far more durable. They are both aesthetically pleasing and functional; for example they  can be walked upon.
How much will my fibreglass roof cost?
There are many factors considered in calculating the cost of installing your roof, the most important one for a customer to consider is that it will work out much cheaper than any conventional flat roofing material over its longer lifespan.
How long will my fibreglass roof last?
There are fibreglass roofs in existence today that were installed over 50 years ago, a well laid fibreglass installed by our experienced professional installers will outlast just about any other system.
How safe is my fibreglass roof?  Is it flame retardant, waterproof, and can you walk on it?
Fibreglass roofs are incredibly safe and very waterproof. The materials are cold applied so there is no danger from flames as used in other applications. If you require features such as non slip grit, fire retardants etc, just ask, we can meet all requirements.
What maintenance will it need? How do we clean it?
They require very little maintenance, we recommend that periodic washing with warm soapy water and soft brush will keep it looking in pristine condition.
Will my new roof be environmentally friendly?
It will last at least 3 times longer than a conventional roof, making it a far more environmentally friendly and much cheaper option in the long term.